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Capture the moment

With special creative effects from lensbaby. Get inventive, challenge status quote use your imagination and get inspired. From fisheye lenses to the famous composter pro or the spark.

Lensbaby 56 F1

Focus, blur, perfect. Image source: youtube.com

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Photography is an art that melds the mind with machine. In order to take the best photos possible and truly capture the essence of a subject, photographers need a collection of equipment they can rely on. Lensbaby offers everything photographers need to take their work to the next level.

Suit Up for Any Occasion
If you're an experienced professional, you'll love the Lensbaby collection that's as diverse as it is simple. The lenses are adaptable and multipurpose, so you can bring them along to a variety of shoots and explore how they can add new dimension to your photos. Try out the wide angle lens and turn everyday scenery into a captivating subject, or slip a macro converter over one of the Lensbaby lenses to showcase life's smallest details in breathtaking clarity.

Learn the Ropes while Having Fun
For beginner photographers, perfection isn't as important as practice. You'll learn and improve faster when you have fun with your camera. The Lensbaby lenses are designed to be easy for even a complete novice to operate. They also promote creativity; when you slip on one of the creative apertures, you'll be amazed at how points of light that would have felt misplaced are transformed into dazzling shapes.

Lensbaby is all about encouraging the art of innovation. New photographers shouldn't conform to tradition; they should reinvent it.

Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/philhearing/19681976149

Redefine Your Focus
When you have a good set of lenses, anything is possible. Just grab your favorite dslr camera and make incredible shots.

Image source: https://www.hiresquare.com.au/cat/photography/

Every photographer should be able to capture the world as they set it, and Lensbaby makes sure that no vision is out of reach. Big or small, near or far, these lenses are made to bring your subjects into focus and your creativity into view.

If true innovation is all about focus, Lensbaby's got you covered.